Show Control

Many attractions these days are setup in a way that effects are triggered individually by sensors. But what if one sensor could not only trigger one effect but a whole sequence of effects, all timed exactly to create a real immersive experience? In the past, systems that were capable of non-linear, real time show control tasks were quite heavy on the budget. This has also changed significantly over the past years. Complete show control setups, including programming, are now available for a budget of well under a five figure sum. Be it a ghost train, dark ride or other family attraction, think about the creative possibilities you can have with a central show control system compared to one trigger wire starting just one effect over and over. Just ask us, and we will be glad to help you find the right solution for your attraction.

For the dark ride project „Secret Stage of Horror“ we also produced a short demo movie to showcase the installation:

Our Partners

When setting up a show control system or lighting for an attraction, it is important to work with the best technology on the market. For that we have partnered up with companies like
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to name but a few. We are manufacturer independent and will always make a technology selection based on your needs and not because of profit margins. Our philosphy is to sell service, not boxes.

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