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We are specialized in providing services to the theme park and haunted attraction industry like film and advertisement production. In addition we offer visual effects design, conception of real-time show control systems for attractions and a whole host of services around haunted house design and operation. We can help you make your ideas become reality, be it HD, 3D or real life!


As of May 2015, we have taken over the european distribution of the Gantom Torch System. This new technology offers new ways to interact with guests be it in haunted house type attractions or family adventure experiences. Why don't you take a closer look a this truly amazing product right here?

Featured Project

Right at the start of the 2012 season, theme park FORT FUN Abenteuerland in Bestwig, Germany presented their newly renovated ghost train attraction. intya was contracted to provide custom made projection effects and several living portraits to provide the queue line entertainment. In addition we did the concept and programming for the new show control system to provide a whole new experience for the guests.
Through the installation of these state of the art effects, the „old“ ghost train became a fully fledged dark ride and while having a slightly scary theme, it is still completely family friendly and can accommodate children from 4 years and upwards. To give the attraction a new theme, the story line revolving around crazy theater dressmaker Jackie Moon and her dolls, previously used for the parks halloween events, had been adapted to fit the new scenery. While the portraits in the queue are „filled“ with familiar characters from Jackies world, „her craziness“ only appears inside the attraction in life sized projections.

All film content was shot and edited in 4K resolution. While the currently used projection technology offers full HD resolution, having those extra pixels makes it possible to upgrade to a higher resolution projection technology at a later date as it becomes affordable. As the whole installation is now networked and centrally controlled, switching the content and programming is as easy as flicking a switch. This does not only enable the park to keep the attraction current and fresh over the years, but also offers the possibility to have a double use for the attraction as a haunted house during Halloween for example.

Images: © Kai Ahlers

Until we can present a few more pictures here, please check out this opening day review from German news site

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