In the dark, it is always good to have a torch with you, right? RIGHT?

Imaging, it's dark, really dark. Not a little bit of light anywhere. The only thing saving you from complete darkness is the tiny torch in your hand. But all of the sudden, the light begins to flicker. Must be the battery running out of juice. Damn, now the lamp went out completely. What's this? A noise. There it was again. It's coming closer. With a bang your torch suddenly starts singing in a bright red light. And now you see in terror what has approached you from the darkness...
Sounds scary, right? But that's what a script for a haunted attraction with the use of Gantom Torch could actually be like. But luckily, the system is not all about scaring and can also be used easily for family adventure games or escape the room type of experiences. The limit is your imagination.

Basically, the system consists of two components:
LED torch lights with full RGB colour mixing capabilities and a vibration plus the infrared emitters for controlling the torches.
The emitters are getting placed along the walkway of your attraction and whenever a torch picks up the signal from an emitter, it switches to whatever program is broadcasted by that unit. The last received set of instructions can even be saved until you come into range of the next emitter eliminating the need for constant coverage when static programs or macros are being used.

The lamps can be controlled in two ways:

1. a static setting or a so called macro like candle flicker, lightning, heartbeat, etc.
2. a live control via DMX enabled lighting console or show control software
As a special effect, each torch even has a vibration unit built in which works great in conjunction with lightning effects for example.

The static settings of macros are being programmed into the emitters using the free Gantom iOS app. After powering on the emitter, it will transmit the program that was last saved unless it receives a live DMX signal. The emitters can be powered via 12V power supply or 9V battery which makes it also suitable for mobile applications as they are also outdoor certified.

For lamp operation, we recommend the use of rechargeable batteries (type 18650, not included). One charge will last approx. 6-8 hours depending on your individual usage. You have other things in mind than a haunted attraction but would need the torches to look differently? We can also make custom form factors for you. Just ask us for details.

Sound great, right? Yeah, we think too. So, give us a call or send us an email and we'll gladly help you get your project with Gantom Torch up and running.

NEW: the Gantom Torch ESCAPE

Gantom now offers a second version of its THEA Award winning Torch product line. The Torch ESCAPE is specially designed for use in so called escape the room games. While the regular version of the Torch sports full RGB color mixing plus white, the Torch ESCAPE offers white, red and ultraviolett LED's. All other functionality is identical. In using the UV LED, you can design rooms with hidden messaged on the wall, that are only visible when viewed under UV lighting conditions, making this gadget a perfect addition to your escape game.

Contact us for more details.

More product information can also be found in this PDF: