The Professional Scare

Haunted houses and mazes have gained a lot of popularity all around Europe during the past 10-15 years - and not just around Halloween time. Experiencing fear with the relieving startle of a well placed scare is what drives people into theme parks and haunted houses in masses, making this new form of entertainment into a blooming business. Although it may seem strange at first that people actually pay money to get scared, they have been doing that with horror movies for decades. It’s just another way to escape the dullness of everyday work life and simply have a good time for a few hours. And what a fun way it is.

A well designed haunted house is just like a walk through a horror movie with one difference: You’re in it! Countless effects like lighting, sound, smells, temperature drops or heat effects all add up to one unique experience that a movie can not provide. In a haunted house, the movie plays in your head and once you get out, you have a feeling of success since your are „still alive“ (although with all the safety measures taken by the operator, guests are never really in any danger).

We can help you with the conceptualization, operations planning and actor training for an effective and safe haunted attraction. We have many years of experience in the business and constantly stay in contact with leading haunted house owners and industry vendors from the USA. Together we can make your haunted attraction ideas come to life.

Our services:

- Storyline Development
- Character Development
- Haunted House Conceptualization & Layouting
- Show Control Planning / Conceptualization
- Actor Training
- Operations Planning
- Operation Supervision

We can also arrange the installation of turn key attractions via one of our business partners.

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