Visual FXs

We offer custom produced video effects for your attraction. Regardless of 2D or 3D, we can deliver anything that will help your create the environment you have imagined. Our knowledgable team has many years of experience in the areas of short- and feature length film production and visual effects. Have something „out of this world“ on your mind? We can virtually build it for you using the latest CGI technology. Be it an attraction for the whole family or a scary dark ride or haunted house, we can make your ideas come to life on any canvas.

„Living“ Portraits

Portraits that suddenly come to life have become a very popular effect in the theme park and haunt industry - with a little help by some popular books and movies about a certain young english wizard that is.
Since 2011 we have been producing custom versions of this effect which comes in three main variations:

  • Old Painting: The painting has a matte finish and you can even see brush strokes. Sophisticated lighting setup while shooting the scene, detailed post production and innovative playback and display or projection technology delivery this truly amazing illusion when presented in a baroque picture frame.
  • Photo Portrait: Just like a real large format photo portrait this effect has a custom made picture frame with glass to protect the image and a passepartout / mat to properly present it. A vignette is added for realism and we can even simulate the hand coloring that took place in the good old times. If lit correctly, you won’t be able to tell the difference between a real photo and this display…well, until it moves!
  • Special Version - Mirror: Under normal room lighting you won’t notice anything strange about this large mirror. But if you come to close, the mirror will reveal its secret as there is a display behind the semi transparent special glass that we use to create this illusion (we don’t use regular spy mirrors but a special glass that delivery superior image quality and does not darken the display behind it). This concept is ideal to create enchanted mirror illusions or Bloody Mary type scare effects in a haunted attraction.

All living portrait illusions are custom produced for you. We currently do not manufacture any off the shelf versions.
But if you should already have suitable video footage or want to get creative yourself, we will gladly provide you with the required hardware.
Either way, we will be happy to assist you with your ideas.

Please check out our gallery with example images of our
portrait and projection effects (click on an image):
Edward_still_iconSecret Stage icon

Projection Effects

Projection technology has made immense progress in the past years and now has become an affordable effect, even for smaller budgets. The champions league of projection effects surely is the so called pixel mapping, that generates „oohs“ and „awws“ at night time shows in theme parks around the globe. While this usually is a big budget use case, projections can also be used in great ways in dark rides or walk throughs and „Wow!“ your audience. These effects are also great to include recurring characters from one of your events or make it possible for fictional characters to appear directly in front of the visitor. If projections are combined with actual scenery, you can create the illusion of the character actually being there as it blurs the boundaries between fictional an real world as the guests completely forget they are actually looking at a silver screen.

For the project „Secret Stage of Horror“ we also produced a short demo movie to showcase the installation:

Film Production

Enhancing our services in the attractions technology section, we are producing all our visual effects in house. Be it a queue line video to entertain guests while waiting, a safety briefing or video and projection effects inside the attraction, we can serve your needs. We are working with state of the art camera-, greenscreen-, CGI- and compositing-technology, to create the Hollywood look-and-feel everybody desires. What makes us different from all the others? All our highly qualified team members are either from Germany or other european countries and we do not support offshoring film jobs to low cost countries. Why? Because from our experience low cost also often means low quality.

Want to go that extra mile? We also produce short movies or theatrical trailers. In 2010 we developed a short film and movie theater commercial in the style of a "found footage" video film for theme park FORT FUN Abenteuerland in Bestwig, Germany. While the teaser commercial played in movie theaters, the short film version was used as pre-show for their outdoor haunted trail in the woods behind the park. The movie tells part of the background and introduces the characters of their „Jackie Moon“ storyline, which in 2011 even got made into a novel to which we also provided assistance. A movie as pre-show can greatly enhance the experience of your guests and can set the mood for your attraction. It heightens the expectation and already places certain „triggers“ into the mind of guests.

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