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It's so nice and quiet here, right? Don't worry, we're far from gone. What will be gone though soon, is this website. I will be replaced by a more modern one that's easier to manage and maintain. So please bear with us for the time being, and visit our Facebook page for updates in the meantime.

Meet up @ Up-The-Game 2018

Join us at THE european conference for Escape Rooms and Real Life Gaming at the old prison dome in Breda, NL. Michael Badelt will be holding a talk about convergence, synergies and possible learnings from the haunted house industry in regards to all things live and interactive.

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Visit us at IAAPA Expo 2016

Join us at IAAPA Expo 2016 in sunny Orlando, Florida. We will be at the Gantom booth (#858) as well as the VEQTOR one (#1865).
VEQTOR from the UK is our new cooperation partner for innovative escape game control systems.
Why don't you stop by and say hello?

Experience Gantom Torch throughout Europe this Halloween

If you want to know where you can experience the Gantom Torch in action this Halloween season, follow us on Facebook where we will be posting some links to events throughout Europe that are using this THEA Award winning technology.

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ZTAG game now has its own Facebook page

Want to keep up to date with everything surrounding ZTAG, the new interactive live gaming product from Gantom?
Then check out and like the game's new Facebook page!

Contact us for detailed product and sales information or to arrange a demo.

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Gantom Torch Escape: Now available!

Quick update regarding the Gantom Torch Escape:

Gantom just took delivery of the first batch of Torch Escapes from the factory and will now begin fulfilling pre-orders as fast as possible. In case you are planning on using Torch Escape in your escape game soon you should hurry and place your order now as we don't expect the current stock to last very long. We are expecting more units to arrive in August so if you wish to pre-order a larger quantity just let us know.

New Gantom Products at ProLight & Sound Frankfurt

A heartfelt THANK YOU to all who came to see us at ProLight & Sound in Frankfurt this year. A lot of fun and many interesting conversations were had, and we hope that we can continue this customer dialog in the future.

Apart from the announcement that all interactive lighting products will now be offered under the dedicated brand GantomLive!, we had many new things to show our guests such as the interactive game ZTAG (aka. Zombie Tag) or the show control enabled, standalone RGB color changer ColorPiano.

(*) seen above is the shiny new THEA Award we received for the Gantom Torch technology.

IAAPA 2015 / Gantom Torch wins THEA Award

Thanks to everyone who came over to our booth in Orlando to have a good look at our products, especially the new addition to the Torch product line, the Torch ESCAPE. We and Gantom are grateful for all the fantastic feedback we received on the products which we will use to make them even more awesome.

We are especially proud however to be named the recipient of the THEA Award for "Outstanding Technical Achievement, Limited Budget" by the Themed Entertainment Association for the Gantom Torch, that will officially be handed over in a ceremony held in April 2016 in Los Angeles.

Find more info on our fantastic Torch product line right here under: Technology

A few impression from the trade show floor at IAAPA 2015:


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NEW: Gantom Torch ESCAPE

Gantom now offers a second version of its highly praised Torch product line. The Torch ESCAPE is specially designed for use in so called escape the room games. While the regular version of the Torch sports full RGB color mixing plus white, the Torch ESCAPE offers white, red and ultraviolett LED's. All other functionality is identical. In using the UV LED, you can design rooms with hidden messaged on the wall, that are only visible when viewed under UV lighting conditions, making this gadget a perfect addition to your escape game.

Contact us for more details.

Visit us at IAAPA 2015

Come say hello at this year`s IAAPA Expo in Orlando, Florida. We will be at the Gantom booth #2090 showcasing the exciting new Gantom Interactive product line.

Come visit "DämonXtrem"

Come visit "DämonXtrem" at Fort Fun Abenteuerland in Bestwig, Germany, the most recent Halloween haunted house project we had the pleasure of working on.
intya was responsible for creating the core concept and script as well as directing a diverse cast of experienced (Scare-)Actors to make this haunted attraction a next generation experience. Themed by the park as a cabin in the woods, it perfectly fits its natural surroundings.

Designed around the innovative Gantom Torch system and infused with elements of immersive theatre, this is not your typical startle-scare attraction. You will experience, complete darkness, smells, tactile effects, loss of control, confined spaces and much more. And did we mention that you usually go through it alone (or with one additional person if you so wish)?

In short: "DämonXtrem" will mess with your head.

Our mantra during the design phase has been "Your own worst enemy are the images in your head, not the "inhabitants" of the house". We have always wanted to go into a more psychological and theatrical direction with halloween scares and this represents the first evolutionary step towards that.

Come and experience this unique attraction for yourself! There are still a few tickets available for October 30th 2015 (Halloween night is already sold out)

Da╠łmonXtrem - NightDX03

Gantom Torch - intya takes over european marketing for this truly amazing new interactive technology

intya has taken over the european marketing of the "Torch" and representation of the Live! product line of Californian LED lighting specialist Gantom Inc..

Our relationship with Gantom goes way back to the early days of the company. At a convention we both attended we approached them with the idea for this product, since they already had most of the underlying technology in place. In record time early prototypes were made to be tested out with a live audience during last year's Fort Fear Horrorland event at Fort Fun Abenteuerland in Germany. Long story short, it was a huge success and all the lessons learned went directly back into the creation of the finished product which premiered during the Halloween & Attractions Show in St. Louis this March. As you can see from the photo below, the lines to the showroom were long to experience this innovative product first hand.

The system primarily consists of the torches, which are full RGB color mixing LEDs, and infrared emitters to provide full DMX control to the lamps.
While originally developed with a haunted attraction in mind, the technology is also more than suitable for use in family adventure games, escape room attractions or anything else you can come up with. Even custom form factors for your individual project are possible.

We currently expect the product to be shipping to Europe some time around mid/end July.
Please contact us for further details and we will be glad to help you with your individual project.

--> More info about the Gantom Torch System can be found here!

Innovative show technology premiers at Fort Fear Horrorland

Last years incarnation of Fort Fun Abenteuerland's award winning halloween event saw the arrival of some firsts. Intya developed a more intense version of their horror maze "TRAUMatized" which was operated as an upcharge attraction for one hour only on event nights, billed as "TRAUMatized - Extreme", presenting a novelty for the park. Besides several other frightening changes, the main difference was the patrons went through the house alone, or with a maximum of one other person if they wanted to. As the house was converted to a pitch black attraction for this experience, all that guests had to light their way was one single flashlight. Or so they thought....

In cooperation with Gantom Inc. and BlinkFX the flashlight system was designed based on our ideas. Each torch can not only change brightness but color as well (free color mixing). Each light can operate from integrated presets or via live DMX signal from a show control system, transmitted via infrared. "The feedback we received from our guests was phenomenal. Nobody expected the flashlight to do the things it did and it really freaked them out", remembers Michael Badelt.

As Fort Fear was the world premier for the system, and thus mainly a proof of concept test, an off-the-shelf version is currently being developed and is expected to be available some time in April. In the future, other form factors will also be possible, broadening the possible use cases for the technology also for other more family friendly attractions.

Should you be interested in implementing this system in your attraction, please contact us for more detailed information.

Fotos: Kai Ahlers (1,3), intya (2)

Interview on why we like fear and Halloween

An interview with Michael Badelt around the topic of why we like fear and Halloween festivities has been published by german newspaper Frankfurter Neue Presse today.
Read it here (german language only):;art685,1092444

FortFear Horrorland wins Parkscout's Best Themepark Event 2013/2014

FortFun Adventureland just won the jury award for "Best Themepark Event 2013/2014" for their halloween event "FortFear Horrorland".
We are proud to have been an integral part of this event for the past several years and congratulate FortFun on their achievement.

Read more here (park press release, German only).

Kirmes & Park Revue reporting about Secret Stage of Horror

German industry publication Kirmes & Park Revue is reporting in their current issue (2/2013) about the re-design of the classic ghost train attraction „Secret Stage of Horror“ at FORT FUN Abenteuerland in Bestwig,Germany. Intya is proud to have been an integral part in the process and congratulates FORT FUN on their success with the modernized attraction. The article can be found on pages 68-69. The magazine can be found at kiosks in Germany or via subscription directly from GEMI Verlag (
In addition, our short demo video of the project is finally online:

FORT FUN Cowboy Golf College with brand new audio effects

For FORT FUN Abenteuerland’s new adventure mini golf course „Cowboy Golf College“ intya delivered several audio effect units, making the mini golf experience even more entertaining. Each unit plays a permanent background audio and features a maximum of eight effect sound that are triggered in random order each time a ball passes the obstacle or is removed from the pit. The sounds are triggered via IR beam sensors. All sounds were custom produced in-house and are exclusive to FORT FUN.

"Secret Stage of Horror" now welcoming visitors

On April 6th FORT FUN Abenteuerland in Bestwig, Germany opened their completely renovated ghost train „Secret Stage of Horror“. What once was a simple ghost train is now a full-fledged dark ride thanks to modern projection effects and entertaining moving portraits in the queue line. While still maintaining its slightly eerie and haunting theme, albeit a new story line, it is still an attraction for the whole family.

intya is proud to have produced all the custom made projections and films for the portrait as well as having conceptualized and programmed the newly installed show control system.

More info about this project can be found here.

Launch of English Website

Finally we have laid the foundation for an english version of our website.

Please bear with us while we translate all the content. We hope to complete the process soon.
Until then, thank you very much for your patience.

New Certification: FinalCut Pro X Trainer (Level 1)

As of now Michael Badelt is also a certified Trainer for the highly innovative new video editing software FinalCut Pro X Level 1.

For course dates and availability please check